Bentley is in Good Health!

Good news today as we hear about Bentley, the dog of the young Ebola patient in Dallas, TX. There has been some uproar lately because of how another dog of an Ebola patient was euthanized in Spain. We are glad to hear that this is not the case in the States and that Bentley is in good health and being cared for as we speak:

Dallas Animal Services is caring for Ebola patient Nina Pham’s dog, Bentley, who is reported to be healthy and not showing any symptoms of the virus after his first full day in isolation.

The city of Dallas has provided Bentley with a comfortable home that has bedding, toys, and plenty of food. He is being cared for and monitored.

Bentley will be isolated for 21 days at the home to make sure he stays healthy of the virus.

Kate Roberts

Great Dane loving shelter volunteer, who enjoys writing about dogs as much as looking after them!