Barker got a 'tude? Maybe there's a reason why so rude!

If you find that your dog has copped a particular attitude towards you or others, you should know that it might be related to something a bit more serious. Just like us humans, dogs will at times develop certain behaviors that are a result of certain preexisting factors.

Take for example something we are all too familiar with…any of you out there get “hangry”? You know…you get angry because you’re hungry. I know I have a certain tendency towards that, and so I need to watch it! Well, your dog may be doing the same thing with its particular behavior patterns. You see, in other words, it may be trying to communicate with you. He’s saying, “Hey. Hey! I’m really hungry over here!!!!!”

But things could be a bit more serious than just being hungry. Certain mood dispositions can be because a dog is sick. If you notice a swift and decisive mood change in your furry barker, then it might be time to have her checked out by the vet. Such sharp and decisive shifts in personality can signal a looming medical problem. It could be something not so worrisome, like a bit of a bad tummy ache or something akin to that; but it could also be something far more serious. So unless you are THE DOG WHISPERER, you’re going to need to take your dog in and have it checked out.

And finally, remember one other reason for temperament shifts…perhaps your dog is simply, and sadly, lonely. You need to take your dog out for a walk, throw the ball around, have a good play.

Well, for more advice, read today’s article.

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