(Refurbished) Waterproof Liner - Headrest Edition
$56 $79.95
You Save 29% ($23.95)

Want to protect that beautiful foam against any kind of liquid disaster?  This impenetrable liner will keep your bed completely safe from spills, weather damage, and accidents.  Recommended for puppies & senior dogs with bladder issues.

  • 100% Waterproof. No liquid or moisture will penetrate this liner, not even the worst accidents
  • For use with the Big Barker Headrest Edition. Goes under the bed cover.
  • Each batch is stress tested under extreme conditions. Guaranteed to keep your foam like new.
  • Made in USA. Same material found in hospital beds around the country.
  • Very quiet fabric. Won't make noise when your dog steps on it or tosses and turns.

Make sure to buy the same size liner as your bed.
Note:  The normal cover is "moisture resistant".  It will protect the foam against drool, licking, or wet fur.  The liner is only needed if a substantial amount of liquid sits on the bed long enough to seep through.


Large:  48" x 30" x 7"

Extra Large: 52" x 36" x 7"

Giant: 60" x 48" x 7"