Yes! Our “secret product” can now be your big time-saving secret...

Watch How The “Quick Trigger Cover” Makes Cleaning Your Dog’s Big Barker Almost Embarrassingly Easy...

No-one will know the difference but you!
Now it’s a cinch to wash your cover more often...
absolutely hassle-free.

Protect your original cover…

Enjoy the convenience of a “fitted mattress sheet” for your Big Barker.

Avoid ever needing to remove & replace your current cover...

Available in all colors and bed sizes...

"Looks like just a
normal every day
Big Barker bed, right?"

"Whoa ! It was secretly
sporting a Quick Trigger
Cover... making it so
much easier to clean!"
Underneath and out of sight... your
4 "quick trigger" velcro attachments!
Your "speed-cleaning" secret is safe with us!
The “Quick Trigger Cover” is a custom-made bed cover that we craft one at a time. We usually charge an additional $30 “customization fee” for any cover our craftsmen need to custom-make. Yet for a limited-time we’d like to waive that customization-charge for you. Giving you the chance to grab yourself your Quick Trigger Cover at a complete steal
List Price:
99.95 You save: $40.00 (28.0%)
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