(Clearance) Giant Chocolate Bed - Sleek Edition

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50% off.  Normally $349.95, but yours today for $174.95.  Save $175!

This is a bed that was returned by a customer.  The customer's dog did try the bed, so it's possible that there will be a hair or two on the cover.  We've given this bed a complete cleaning, and inspected for any damage to the cover or foam.  It's in “Good as New” condition.

It is the Giant size bed, Sleek Edition (flat).  Chocolate color.  The dimensions are 60 x 48 x 7.  This is usually the best size for dogs the size of Great Danes & Irish Wolfhounds.  Or it's also a great size for people with two dogs that like to share a bed.

Clearance beds have the same great warranties and return policies as our new beds.  We should have it out the door within 2 business days maximum.

We very rarely have these in stock.  If you get here and the "add to cart" button is gone, it means that someone already purchased the bed and we have no more.

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