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URGENT: The hard metal and plastic at the bottom of any dog crate can seriously harm your dog's joints.

If your dog spends any time in a crate each week - and especially if he or she spends LOTS of time crated - then your choice of crate pad becomes an investment of critical importance to both you and your dog.

The bottom of a crate may be the hardest and most jarring surface your dog’s hips and elbows could ever come into contact with.

So naturally, a crate pad that provides inadequate cushioning from all the nastiness below… clearly puts their delicate joints in danger.

Imagine laying with just a bath mat between you and a rock-hard tile floor below... for hours at a time… week after week… month after month...

Let’s not beat around the bush…

The top-selling crate pads are cheap for a reason.

As the hours slowly tick by, these pads offer no more support to your dog than a wafer-thin bath mat or a balled-up towel.

That’s why we engineered a crate pad that shamelessly stands out from the crowd...

Using the same expert foam engineering that’s the unique hallmark of our best-selling beds, we’ve crafted a crate pad that deeply cushions your dog’s elbows, hips and pressure points from the hard metal and plastic below.

Meaning… when you close that crate door, you can now have total peace of mind that they are safe, comfortable and cared for.

To craft this one-of-a-kind crate pad we use the same premium American-made orthopedic foam you’ll find in our top, 5-star rated Big Barker dog beds.

Our Certi-PUR US® certified foam is specifically calibrated to contour and mold perfectly to your dog's body, giving necessary protection from joint pain, hip and elbow dysplasia & arthritis.

And protecting your dog from suffering physical stress, which can also help ease anxiety about being away from you.

Amazon Reviews

"Our black lab Buck had never set foot in the crate until we put the new crate pad in it"

Our yellow lab Jake this is his crate, he loves his bed. Well, our black lab Buck had never set foot in the crate until we put the new crate pad in it. Think he would sleep in there with Jake every night if he could. That is why I had to buy a bed for him. They love their beds and have told everyone about them. My husband's sister just asked for your website they were ordering for their dog. Thanks for making such a great product.


"The Cush for Otis' Tush!"

Otis loves his new bed! I love the fact it will keep its shape and that Otis will be comfortable!

Denise W.

"So Happy"

Mariah, my 8-year-old Husky, on her Big Barker crate pad. I was so happy with the crate pad, I ordered a bed for her when she isn't in her crate.

Deborah Schoen


Rugged, Highly Tear Resistant, Fully Waterproof Military-Grade Fabric Makes This Unique Crate Pad Super-Durable
  • Strongest fabric on the market
  • Made in America
  • Keeps color in the sun
  • Complies with demanding military specifications
  • Designed to be thrown out of a helicopter and stay “good as new”
  • Cordura™ “super-weaved” nylon means it stays waterproof for longer
  • Highly tear resistant

Inside this ultra-comfortable crate pad...

  • Sized to fit perfectly inside standard-issue dog crates.
  • The cover is 100% waterproof. Liquid or accidents wipe right off without leaving stains or smells.
  • Cover is highly tear-resistant and will hold up strongly against digging and nesting (but NOT chew-proof!)
  • Supreme comfort & support with our premier American Made orthopedic foam.
  • Easy to wash - just remove cover using the extra long heavy-duty zipper & throw in the wash.
  • Made in America by expert craftsmen in our small workshop in northern California.

Highest quality American Certi-PUR US® foam

Small/Medium sizes:

The top 2" is H10 Comfort Foam that molds gently around your dog's pressure points.

The bottom 2" is H24 Support Foam, which provides orthopedic support and prevents your dog's joints from grinding into the hard plastic and metal.

This is the exact same supportive “foam formula” we use in our best-selling Barker Jr. beds, for smaller dogs.

Large/Extra Large sizes:

The top 2" is H10 Comfort Foam - and the bottom 2" is H45 Support Foam - the exact same top-rated recipe for big dog support and comfort we use in our Big Barker beds.

Amazon Reviews

"Durable and well made!"

What an awesome product! We've only been using it for a few days, but my Golden Retriever seems to love it. The cover is durable and well made! Shipping was quick and the packaging was super!

Beth Walker


Please read before ordering…

Please note that your pad does NOT extend all the way to the wall of the crate. Your pad is sized to fit exactly inside the raised lip of the plastic tray at the bottom of your crate.

This is to ensure that any accidents stay on the tray, and don't run off the pad, soiling your carpet or ruining your hardwood floor.

You should expect roughly 1 inch of space between the pad and the wall of the crate.

Measure your crate and use the following guide to choose the proper size.

Small: For 30" x 21" crates (pad dimensions: 27" x 18.2" x 4")

Medium: For 36" x 24" crates (pad dimensions: 33.2" x 21.2" x 4")

Large: For 42" x 28" crates (pad dimensions: 39" x 25.5" x 4")

Extra Large: For 48" x 30" crates (pad dimensions: 44.8" x 27" x 4")

XXL: For 54" x 37" crates (pad dimensions: 50" x 32" x 4")


Remember that if you change your mind on the size after ordering, or if your dog just won't sleep on the pad for any reason whatsoever, you can always ship it back to us for an exchange or refund. We’ll even pick up the tab for shipping!

Amazon Reviews

"Regular mats are like laying on a carpeted floor. This Big Barker pad is like laying on my expensive mattress"

This is a much more expensive crate pad than I'm used to, but let me just say that it's worth the cost. My dogs have used crates their whole lives, and they've usually had the normal crate mats with the little bolsters around the sides. Those mats seemed fine, they're better than laying on the hard plastic and the dogs didn't complain. But man oh man now I feel bad. This Big Barker pad is so thick and soft, my dogs must be so much happier laying on this instead of the old mats. I wish I bought these years ago. Put it this way... the regular mats are like little rugs. This Big Barker pad is like an actual bed. The regular mats are "adequate." This Big Barker pad is "extremely comfortable." The regular mats are like laying on a carpeted floor. This Big Barker pad is like laying on my expensive mattress.

Joe fucious

"I feel guilty that I didn’t treat him to a Big Barker before now"

I thought the reason my 2-year-old rescue lurcher was always so stiff-legged after a night's sleep was down to his heritage (being probably a Saluki/collie/whippet), but it then occurred to me it could be the doubled up duvet he had for a bed in his crate. He had a really hard life as a pup before we gave him his forever home, so I decided that he had to have a proper, purpose built pad. The Big Barker beds have such a huge number of 5-star ratings that there was no other choice for Skippy - I had to get him one - even if it did mean getting it shipped all the way to the UK! He's had it for a few months now, but I noticed the change in his morning routine within a couple of days. Now he springs out of his crate for breakfast to greet me with a wagging tail and lot of slobbery kisses - a totally different pup from the one who used to struggle up out of his old duvet bed. I feel guilty that I didn't treat him to Big Barker before now - but I think he's forgiven me!

D.C. Wiggs


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Sander W.
United States

Bed was nice

However the cover of the bed was like firm shiny material. I didn’t know other covers could have come with the bed that were softer. When I checked throat I noticed that was an extra $99. So, at this time I’m using her old cover on top of the bed which I’m not to please using. Seems I Like I should have been advised of this when I purchased the bed. Thank you... Sander Wiener

Keith M.
United States United States

Puppy is in no rush to leave his crate in the mornings

Ever since we added this pad, our 8mo old puppy is perfectly content to laze around in his crate long after we've opened the door in the morning. He never used to go into his crate to nap, and now is more than happy to plop down in there and snooze away. Worth every penny.

Heather S.
United States United States

Mixed reviews

After the first three uses, my dog was able to unzip the zipper and demolish the foam. Material is great, but the zipper could use some attention.

Big Barker Big Barker 4 Crate Pad Review
Drue S.
United States United States

Crate Pad for Grey Hound

Stormy was apprehensive about the pad at first and continued to be for a while. We figured out she didn't like the texture of the cover (heavy nylon). I ended up sewing a fleece cover and she loves it now. So 4/5. Would have been 5/5 if we could have selected the material and gone with something softer she would prefer.

Joy F.
United States United States

Excellent for the little ones too!

Excellent. Our 11 month-old puppy just moved into his new crate (bed) with the Big Barker crate pad. This little guy was the runt of the litter and had a rough start but is now thriving. He loves his new crate pad and I find him relaxing in his crate more now than ever. Our bigger dogs have loved their crate pads but it’s obvious these crate pads are the best option on the market for all sizes of dogs. I would recommend these pads (& their waterproof protectors) to any dog owner.